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Tis the season to be stressed out

School. It’s coming back to get you, or for some of you, it already has. But don’t worry, no matter how many youtube videos you watch or blogs you read, … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned!

Hello hello. Yes, yes all that apologizing for the lack of posts and stuff that you all probably know off by heart by now. But listen up wacky people, THIS … Continue reading

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One Image that defines Israel – And it’s fools who follow

Originally posted on shaunynews:
Originally posted on shaunynews: View original

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Audio Message to Pro-Israeli People

Originally posted on shaunynews:
This is aimed at anyone who wants to argue or hate people who support Palestine as the Genocide from Israel keeps coming. Many can’t understand you…

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From sunshine to rain…shine?

FIFA Game of Thrones The Vampire Diaries The Originals Once Upon A Time Teen Wolf Revenge Arrow School Food Getting Fat(!) Endless Sunshine Primer Cats Cars Saudi Drivers Summer Moving Again London Yes, … Continue reading

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Finally, it’s here!

As you may or may not have guessed, this is a Game of Thrones post. I watched the first episode a  few days back and it’s frickin amazing. As expected. … Continue reading

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I am very aware of my absence for the past few weeks or maybe months. I don’t really know how to explain it in any other way but that I’ve … Continue reading

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New season. New attitude.

Spring is finally here, ma fraans, which means it’s time to wash out all the negativity of the season that has just passed. It’s also time to get air conditioners … Continue reading

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Getting sick of shoveling…

Originally posted on What I've Learned This Week:
Really need to get one of these…

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It only gets better!

Yes, it does. I’m not talking about soppy shizz I’m talking about GAME OF THRONES SEASON 4 TRAILER 2! Yeah guys, it’s also too damn amazingaahh. I left it on … Continue reading

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